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National Anti-Bullying Program
A leader in anti-bullying solutions


Angels & Doves has created tools to support our mission of anti-bullying and anti-violence in ages 4-24.  Bullying begins as early as daycare and continues through early adulthood...sometimes as an adult.

Our products include The Bull Program, NO Bully shirts & backpacks, The Bully Book, adult manual, The Anti-Bully Box, Anti-Bully Bundle, NO Hazing college shirts (email for details) and NO Bully billboards.  The products are intended for students, parents and staff members to educate us to prevent bullying and violence.  Our products are trademarked.
Discounts are shown below.  Call 317.870.1100 for further assistance.

$9.98 each

50 - $8.98 each
100 - $8.48 each
250 - $8.28 each
500 - $7.98 each
1000 - $7.48 each

Authored by Kim Harvey
Grades 1-7
Fill -in-the-blank workbook journal

Our very own trademarked shirts. 
Be a walking billboard to say NO to bullying!

These shirts are available for additional Bulls in your school.
The shirts are good for neighborhood watch groups.

Can be custom-designed with your name on the back -
sponsors, events, schools, teams, fundraisers and more...
$25 each


Less than $3/child to help save a life!

If you are a making a corporate donation,
the anti-bully box will be delivered
to the school in your name
and you will be listd on the
Angels & Doves website.


Ever feel like you don't know how to help your child or a friend in need.  Need help in the classroom?  This adult/instructor's manual was written to assist in knowing the warning signs of bullying, what to do, what not to do...
Photos and statistics included.  50 pages.

$19.95 plus S&H, mailed through USPO

This is a great tool to own... The Bully Book for your child or for someone you know, the adult guide and a NO Bully shirt.

Keep it for yourself or donate it to your church or to a friend or to someone who might be hurting.

Discounted at a bundle price of $49.95.