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National Anti-Bullying Program
A leader in anti-bullying solutions


Angels & Doves, Inc. is a nationwide 501(c)(3)non-profit charity that travels across the country to  prevent bullying, bullying injuries and bullying suicides.
Meet Kim Harvey, the Co-Founder & Executive Director

  1. Our Angel Co-Founder
    Our Angel Co-Founder
    In Loving Memory of Joyce Taylor the co-founder of Angels & Doves My mother, my best friend, the co-founder - July 26, 2016 "Rupert from Survivor"
  2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  3. Our Supporters
    Our Supporters

The fraternity brothers of SAE, from the Indianapolis, IN IUPUI location, have graciously joined our mission in fighting the battle of bullying. 

These gentlemen will accompany us to as many presentations as their schedules allow and will assist with our fundraising efforts as well!

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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
The Anti-Bully Box
Help us put the Anti-Bully Box into ALL schools nationwide.
Your donation of $285 covers the cost of one Anti-Bully Box and is tax deductible! 
You may select the school of your choice, in any city and state.

The Anti-Bully Box
The Bully Book
Anti-Bully Bundle
Protect & Add Safety to Schools 
This box contains a 60 minute training video for schools, churches, organizations, businesses.  Comes with 50 pg Adult Manual, The Bully Book and The Bull Program for up to 1000.
The Bully Book
Authored by Kim Harvey
The story of bullying complete with a 40 day fill-in-the-blank journal.  Grades 1-7.
Intended use as an injury/suicide prevention tool.  Perfect for all schools.
NO Bully Shirt, Bully Book & Instructor's Manual
Perfect for all ages, all grades, all situations.  Adults will benefit from this tool, it comes complete with a
50 page adult manual.
Bullying is a form of "bad behavior" stemming from
self-disrespect and/or disrespect for others
Youth bullying leads to young adult bullying that leads to adult bullying...
PROPER education and preventative measures will REDUCE "bad behavior".
Help your school, after-school program, church or other to be proactive!

“If you are being bullied….or, if you know someone being bullied,
please email us or call us or tell someone close to you. 
All information shared with Angels & Doves is held confidentially,
unless otherwise requested.
 TELL someone immediately, do not keep bullying to yourself!”
 - Bullying happens in all age groups -

We speak in schools nationwide,
​ coast to coast.

To schedule a presentation for any age, 
Call 317.870.1100 or email [email protected]

To join our 'celebrity team', contact [email protected]
to discuss.

We comply with Indiana House Bill 5-2-10.1-12