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Teens and nationwide bullying stories

Welcome Andrea and Bryant.  We would love to hear from you and hear your personal stories...

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1. Bryant | July 20, 2011 at 11:23 PM EDT

Hi my name is Bryant I'm 16 years old. I am going to be a sophmore in high school. I am a kid with big dreams who works very hard to fulfill them. My dreams involve the game of basketball. I love to play basketball. Although it is just a game some people have and will take the ability to make it more than a game. As if it is a life or death situation. My high school coach made it like this for me and all of my teammates. His son included. Coach would have us practicing anywhere between 16-20 hours in a week. Through a 5 month period. I was forunate enough to play 3 quarters of Junior Vaarsity basketball and dress for our Varsity team as a Freshman. This is very rare for our town. Many people compared me to be the next Steve Alford. Although, I thought it was very nice of someone to think of my skills that highly to compare me to such a great basketball player. Many of my teammates didn't appreciate it and often teased me about it. As more people in the community talked of this, the more comments came from the coaches and my team and my so called \\\"friends.\\\" But unfortuantly my story gets worse than this. Both the Jv and Varsity had great starts to our season. Both teams had a perfect record going into December 10th. That day we played Muncie South. To this point I sparingly played in the Varsity games. Our head coach told every person that asked why I was not playing that it was because I wasn't strong enough and I was the worst defender in our program. Many, including I, did not like those comments knowning that I was prepared to defend on the Varsity level. During the 1st quarter are starting point gaurd got his 2nd foul with about 2 minutes to go in the game. So Coach told me to go check in. I go in the game with one minute and thirty-three seconds to go in the quarter. On defence Coach told me to gaurd Bryce Long, Muncie Souths best player, who scored 38 points on this night. Curiously putting \\\"the worst defender in the program\\\" on the other teams best player. On one position Bryce hit a pull up three that I contested. Being a good player he hit a tough shot. After bringing the ball down I set up a play. I caught the ball on the wing and drove by Bryce Long who had to foul me in order to keep me from getting a lay-up. After knocking down both free throws and that being my first meangingful points in a Varsity game I was on an emotional high from scoring. Muncie brought the ball down and with the time running down Bryce Long hit a contested jump shot from the free throw line. My coach was very upset with me for allowing him to hit two shots. He stomped his foot and then walked over to the table to get a drink. I walked over to the bench feeling awful that I let my teammates and Coach down. As Coach walked in the huttle he started to address the team. Right in the middle of his sentence he stopped, turned around and told me that I needed to \\\"F#*king toughen up.\\\" At this point he took his hand and punched me in my midsection, and then swiped his hand across my face. After this it all goes down hill.

2. Andrea | July 23, 2011 at 10:50 PM EDT

I never would have expected myself to be a target for bullying, but I now know it can happen to anyone. I was just like everyone else, a normal girl, with a group of best friends. I had a best friend who was practically like my sister. It was around December of last year when I experienced the beginning stages of bullying. I went to school one day and noticed that none of my friends would approach me or event talk to me. I was confused as to why I would be treated like this out of the blue. Then I received a call from my best friend shouting terrible names at me and calling me a liar and telling me I was a nobody. She was infuriated that I was friends with a boy she liked. She was jealous and upset that I would spend time with her biggest crush. I could not understand the reasons why it would upset her so much but I did apologize, stating that I never meant to hurt her. It didn't stop her hatred towards me. She took everything to the next level by the next day.

I was sitting in the cafeteria with my backpack on the table, I walked away for a minute to go talk to someone and as soon as I came back I found my backpack lying on the floor shoved under the table. I knew she was the one who had done it. Later that week all my friends shunned me, they wouldn't talk to me, look at me or even eat lunch with me. I no longer had a group of friends and I had no one to sit with at lunch. I sat outside for a couple days and called my mom bawling because I was so upset and scared to run into any of these \"friends.\" I would hide from them at school, and I even skipped a couple days of school so I didn't have to face their harassment. They started malicious rumors, called my friends from different schools calling me horrific names and threatening them not to be friends with me anymore. They blocked me on Facebook. I couldn't handle being treated this way. I became depressed and antisocial for the last part of the semester in school. I would hide from those friends and never spoke to them.

It finally came to a point where hiding and being insecure was not helping my situation. It just made the girls more aggressive and cruel. The only way to achieve personal happiness was to regain my self esteem and to stop putting life on hold because of others and their insecurities. I found that these so called friends really weren't my friends at all. It was a difficult way to find this out, but at least I recognized it and accepted it. I know what others are going through who are being bullied. It's a frightening situation to be in. You feel lonely, shunned and embarrassed. But know that you are not alone. You should never let someone's unkind words or actions negatively affect you.

Angels and Doves is a great program that teaches tools to the bullied in protecting themselves, teaches the bully to overcome their behavior and instead be a a compassionate leader among his or her peers, and it teaches each one of us the affects of bullying on all children.

Now that I have dtarted this blog, I would like to hear from other kids who have had problems with bullying. Bullying can take place in many different forms and settings; my experience only represents a small group of individuals. No matter the reason or cause, bullying should not be tolerated. Please join me on this blog and tell me your story.

3. Elliott | August 25, 2011 at 12:34 PM EDT

Im Elliott from two rock bands in Ohio. People give me a hard time sometimes about what I do, but i dont see them playing infront of thousands of people. They just like to talk because they dont have anything more productive or better to do. Im excited to be apart of this program though and share my love for music to people.

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