Angels & Doves, Inc. is a nationwide 501(c)(3)non-profit charity that travels across the country to  prevent bullying, bullying injuries and bullying suicides.






Angels & Doves was co-founded by Kim and her mother, Joyce in early 2010.  The mission of Angels & Doves is to end bullying - which can be done peer to peer.


Angels & Doves has a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status with the IRS and is incorporated in the state of Indiana.


Kim has a background in the field of psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.  Both Kim and Joyce had worked with children in some capacity for over 15 years including working with infants and autistic children.

Joyce Taylor - December 4th - July 26, 2016


Volunteers and Supporters:

April Liebig, team leader - Kohl's Department Store, Keystone @ the Crossing
Kohl's Department Stores - various locations
Colts Pro Shop - Clayton Hook
Barbizon International Modeling
SAE Fraternity House - IUPUI
Scot & Dawn Pollard

Board Members:
David Seiter - Attorney at Cate, Terry & Gookins, Carmel, IN
Zach McIllwain - Veteran Advocate,
Kim Harvey - Angels & Doves


Angels & Doves was recommended by Ellen DeGeneres in 2010 when the NO Bullying billboard was hung in memory of Billy Lucas in Greensburg, IN and made the national news.


Angels & Doves has created a 'full circle' of tools to support the mission of ending bullying; school presentations, staff presentations, The Bull Program, NO Bullying Club, The Bully Book and The Bundle. 

Joyce, the mom, co-founder of Angels & Doves
12/4/29 - 7/26/16
I love you Mom -
Kim, the daughter, co-founder of Angels & Doves