Angels & Doves, Inc. is a nationwide 501(c)(3)non-profit charity that travels across the country to  prevent bullying, bullying injuries and bullying suicides.

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JOIN US Wednesday, October 9th, 6-7:30pm at
Holy Cross Lutheran School.  Adult/Parent presentation
8115 Oaklandon Rd, Indianapolis, IN at Geist.

Our Angel Co-Founder

In loving memory of Joyce Taylor,
the co-founder, of Angels & Doves.

My mother, my best friend - July 26, 2016

Rupert from CBS Survivor

Our Supporters

Ellen DeGeneres saw us on the news in her house in L.A., CA.  The following day she had her assistant call us and thank us for our work!

Thank YOU Ellen!
Our Faithful Volunteers

Thank you to the SAE Fraternity House in Indianapolis, IN for seeking us!  This incredible group of 32 are outstanding in their sincere to help us prevent bullying. 

We are currently planning our fundraiser, which will be held on April 27th in Carmel, IN.  Watch for details!


282,000 secondary school students 
are physically attacked in school "monthly"

  • 282,000 secondary students are physically attacked EVERY month
  • 71% of students say bullying is a problem in their school
  • 90% of 4th - 8th graders have been bully victims
  • 1 of every 10 students who drops out of school....does so due to bullying...

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity and self-funded. 
You may donate now. Thank you.

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Kohl's Department Stores send volunteers to our events as needed. Nationwide!
Click on this link. Enter our NPO #57507 to link to your Kroger Card to us!